Hello all you pet lovers!

Hello everyone!

This will be my newest blog about Pet Care. I am a Registered Veterinary Technician and I practiced for over 35 yrs total. I was forced to retire in 2000 from a serious back injury sustained on the job but I am still licensed and keep current in all aspects of veterinary medicine.

So what’s this blog about? It’s about tips and ideas for pet care. It’s about columns I will write about topics that I am passionate about- how to properly care for your furry house-mates and friends.

I want feedback from you- I want your ideas. I can give you advice about problems your pet may be having but I will not diagnose something for you- only a licensed vet can do that. With that in mind you will hear me tell you to go straightaway to the vet’s many times.

Any advice given in here is not a substitute for veterinary care and must be taken as is for that reason. YOU are responsible for your pet’s health- don’t skimp on it. In this day of economic crunches and crisis we are seeing an alarming rate of pet abandonment. Horses being abandoned and left to die or taken to shelters is up over 300% alone! Shelters are being flooded with pets being relinquished by well-meaning owners that have lost jobs, houses, families.

Most of these animals could have stayed with their families with some forethought and sometimes some help. It is a very sad situation indeed.

I advocate and stress shelter adoptions!! If you are breeding a mutt then you are being very irresponsible and I will let you know that. Some people reading this blog might get mad at me as animals bring out a lot of emotions in people.

Either way, I will be telling it the way it is! So send me some questions or ask about whatever it is you want to know about your pet and I will attempt to give you an answer that you can use, BUT DO NOT USE THIS SITE AS A SUBSTITUTE FOR TAKING YOUR PET IN TO SEE A VET WHEN IT IS SICK!! I DO NOT CHECK THIS BLOG DAILY AND IF YOU WAIT FOR AN ANSWER FROM ME WHILE YOUR PET IS SICK YOU COULD BE RISKING THEIR LIFE!! I CANNOT EMPHASIZE THIS ENOUGH.


So join me now and then for a lot of information and some laughs too.

Take care and until then have a great now!