Some have asked me…

Why do I volunteer to answer questions for people about their pets and not get paid for it? Well, aside from the fact that not everything in life is about money, I think I can answer this question by showing you some of the feedback I get from these people who I have never met.

I get asked a lot of different questions-from “Why is my dog starting at the bottom of my rose bushes to I just lost my dog to cancer and I am feeling so guilty because…” I get asked the hardest question of all many times- “when is it time to say goodbye to my beloved pet or how will I know when it’s time?”

I have cried tears over some of these questions, some of the way people have thanked me and sometimes over the injustice that is done to cats and dogs all over the world. Some times by the owners themselves, sometimes by cruel people and sometimes just by life itself.

Here is a sampling of what makes me keep doing this:
“Comment – I am in awe with this volunteer. I did not know that there are people out there still willing to help total a total stranger. I would like to comment on how knowledgeable and caring and quick Jana is. I know now what I am doing wrong with potty training. I am so happy with this site.”

“Comment – Jana, thanks again for your help. This site needs you as you as so knowlegible and helpful! Know that your help has surely made a difference. We appreciate you and will keep you posted!”

“Comment – help me alot mostly to calm my feelings reassured well” (Her kitten died)

“Comment – Clearly Jana knows her stuff – her suggestion about possible mild pancreatitis due to eating fat was spot on even though not included in the question posed. Her suggestion on keeping a log will help to track the lizard link if there is one. Many thnx”

“Comment – I really appreciate your quick response,i will try that Hills food for my dog, you sound like you really know what your talking about, i have been on so many sites it would make your head spin! Again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! i will let you know how it goes…”

“Comment – omg, you answered almost word-for-word what I was thinking! “Poor Boy” is what I call him each time this happens – and before contacting you this morning, I was actually surfing the net looking for a new vet.

I have tried the pumpkin and the capsule in his food – and he looks at me like I am trying to poison him. (and refuses to eat) I guess I would rather torture him once every two/three months by getting those glands squeezed, rather than torture him each and every day over his food.

Thank you again for your prompt and CARING answer! You have reconfirmed everything I was thinking…”

“Comment – Thank you So much! Not only did you answer my question directly, I felt that you really cared about my concern for my dog. Again, thank you very much.”

“Comment – Thank you, Jana, for your directness and your kind words. Unfortunately, you confirmed our fears. She has lived a long life and given us limitless love, and we will be sure she is as comfortable as possible if the time comes. Thank you again, and best wishes.”

“Comment – Thank you so much. I have asked vets for this kind of advice and have never gotten such a thorough response. I can’t wait to try this out. I will follow-up with you and let you and everyone else know how it is going!”

“Comment – It is obvious that Jana has a strong love for pets and a high desire to keep them healthy. Jana provided me with honest, great quality information that help to direct me with the care of my sick dog. Most important, Jana gave me the knowledge and confidence I need to pursue treatment. Thank you”

“Comment – Thank you very much for your empathy and comforting answer. I miss him terribly, but I take comfort in knowing that he went quickly and hopefully without much pain. Thank you again. Take care.”

“Comment – Jana’s passion for animals cam clearly be seen in the fantastic response provided. The answer was more than I could’ve expected. Thank you very much and I will keep in touch.”

That is just a few of the ones I have. It is a wonderful feeling knowing you helped some pet be healthier, or live longer, or even comforted someone who just lost their best friend.

It’s hard to lose a pet and have others around you not understand why you are grieving. I know, I have been through it before. So the questions I get about animals that have died are hit even closer to home for me.

So the next time some one asks me, “why do you do what you do..” I think about the comments that I get from the people that write to me and I know in my heart why I do what I do….