Veterinary Nurse ~ How does this sound to you?

The NAVTA and the powers that be are campaigning – neigh they have passed- an initiative to turn our hard-earned credentials into bed pan cleaners. WHAT?

I’m sorry, but I do NOT like the idea of being called a veterinary Nurse, even if I am not actively practicing as a tech.

Here is their logic:

 The National Credential Initiative
  • The goal of the initiative is to standardize the credential for our profession in terms of credentialing requirements, title, and scope of practice throughout the nation.

  • A standardized title should be used in all 50 states; in addition, a standard should be set in all 50 states for maintenance of credentials

  • A standardized credential will unify the profession and grow professional recognition

  • The veterinary consumer needs to understand what credentialed veterinary technicians/nurses do on a daily basis in regards to patient care

  • Pet owners are demanding qualified veterinary nursing personnel, which leads to consumer protection and patient care

    OK, ok, I DO agree with the first one. I don’t however, believe this will change the last one perception wise. I honestly feel this will confuse the issue even further. How you ask?
    I’m glad you did…

First of all, how is this going to UP the understanding of the average Joe Or Joelene into understanding what we do as Vet Techs?

Nurses are generally perceived- unless they have NP (Nurse Practitioner) after their name- as people who get you out of bed at the hospital, tend to your wounds at the doctors office or stand by while your gyno digs for gold…. wait, ok scratch that image even if it’s true.

The point is, Nurse Ratched got her name for a reason.  Here is more on their take:

Credential Woes

Currently, a VT is designated a certified VT, registered VT, licensed VT, or licensed veterinary medical technician (LVMT), depending on the credentialing state. (See Table 1.) The lack of standardization has led to widespread confusion regarding the VT’s role within the veterinary profession and among members of the general public, who do not clearly understand VT credentialing, leading to these members of the profession having little perceived value.

YES of course that makes sense but HOW does changing everyone into a NURSE with a wave of their legislative wand fix that?
Hasn’t the issue been, and will CONTINUE to be that Vet Techs are simply not respected, promoted or advertised enough for the public (PET owning public that is) to understand what we do behind those closed doors?

Does your clinic tell YOU what their Vet Techs do? Do you see them out in the office talking to clients, selling diets, explaining things to a new client or a bereaved one? Does them being  a NURSE make that change somehow?

IN my experience, and from what I read in my Vet Techs United group on Facebook, the perception isn’t going to change no matter what we are called, UNTIL VETERINARIAN’S STEP UP TO THE PLATE AND PROMOTE US TO THE PUBLIC!!!

I believe Dr. Andy Roark had a similar take on this here.

And here’s another article on the subject:

Here’s what Veterinary Team Brief has to say:

I’m now seeing this everywhere:

“veterinary technicians/nurses” being used in sentences in articles.

Tell me what your thoughts are. Opposed, and if so, why?

Agree, and if so, why?

Is there anything that can be done instead of/in spite of/because it should have been done decades ago to help the REAL problem?

Lack of support and recognition by the very GROUP we work with/for- Veterinarians.