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Good reason NOT to feed treats- try using carrots instead!

October 23, 2013 Nearly 600 U.S. pet deaths associated with Chinese jerky treats; cause is still elusive Australian research blames unknown toxin; FDA encourages veterinarians to submit reports, data and urine samples from suspected cases. In the wake of an Australian Veterinary Journal1 article outlining a study of dogs exposed to dried chicken treats produced […]

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New vehicle safety laws- dog harnesses

This is new from Dr. Jon of petplace.com: Summer is your dog’s favorite time for road trips! But is it safe to take your dog in the car without a safety restraint? Studies say no. We would never put our children in the car without a seatbelt. Why should our dogs be any different? I’ve […]

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New Human Tick-borne Virus Identified

Another day, another new infectious disease. In the midst of a record-breaking West Nile virus outbreak that has claimed 66 lives and infected almost 1,600 in 2012, we have a new threat from my least favorite external parasite, the tick. This newly discovered virus dubbed the “Heartland virus” is yet another reason to protect you […]

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Heartworm Disease in Dog

Sorry for the long absence but I have just been busy with life. I lost my sister recently and had other losses as well. Since I last posted in here I lost my beloved Annie Mouse on Nov. 26th, 2011. She lost her battle with a tumor on her leg that started as scar tissue […]

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Time marches on…

I have sad news to report-I had to put down my 15 yr old cat Crouton on May 16th. She was dying of kidney failure, a much to common affliction of older cats. If a cat older than 11 doesn’t die of old age, then cancer or kidney failure will get them in the end. […]

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Hello all you pet lovers!

Hello everyone! This will be my newest blog about Pet Care. I am a Registered Veterinary Technician and I practiced for over 35 yrs total. I was forced to retire in 2000 from a serious back injury sustained on the job but I am still licensed and keep current in all aspects of veterinary medicine. […]

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